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Bankruptcy Laws in Japan (1)

Question: I owe a large amount of debt and am struggling to pay it off. How should I deal with this situation? Answer: There are three main ways to deal with debt problems, as explained below: Arbitrary AgreementIn this agreement, it is agreed upon that the principal amount of the debt is to be returned…

Inheritance Laws in Japan

What to expect when dealing with inheritance in Japan. The Scope of Heirs Under Japanese Inheritance Laws, the following people will become legal heirs in respective order: The spouse of the DeceasedAs well as the spouse of the Deceased, the following people will also become legal heirs:Child/Children of the DeceasedIn the circumstances that the Deceased’s…

Divorce Laws in Japan (2) ~ Legal Consultation

The following is an introduction to the system of divorce through a typical legal consultation. LAWYER:Hello! What brings you here today? What would you like to consult me about? WIFE:Hello. I want to divorce my husband but I’m not sure how to. LAWYER:Okay, could you give me some details about your marriage? When did you…

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