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Inheritance Laws in Japan

What to expect when dealing with inheritance in Japan. The Scope of Heirs Under Japanese Inheritance Laws, the following people will become legal heirs in respective order: The spouse of the Deceased As well as the spouse of the Deceased, the following people will also become legal heirs: Child/Children of the DeceasedIn the circumstances thatContinue reading “Inheritance Laws in Japan”

Divorce Laws in Japan (1) ~ Overview

What to expect when filing for a divorce in Japan Under Japanese divorce laws, there are 3 types of divorce; Divorce by Agreement (協議離婚 kyogi rikon), Divorce in Mediation (調停離婚 choutei rikon) and Divorce by Judgement (裁判離婚 saiban rikon). Divorce by agreement is an out-of-court divorce where a couple agrees to divorce and simply submitContinue reading “Divorce Laws in Japan (1) ~ Overview”

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